Create new payable

Create a new Payable. Payment must be requested in order for this Payable to be paid-out.

Requesting payout for Payables

Payables are created in a "pending" state. In this "pending" state, Payables are available to be paid-out at a future time, and are not immediately or automatically paid-out. Instead, paying-out a Payable must be triggered by calling the Request Payment for Payables endpoint, which processes Payables into Payments.

Pre-approving Payments

Once a Payment has been created from one or more Payables, it is checked for "approval" before initiating any kind of funds transfer. If a Payment is not yet approved, it appears in the "Payments" section of the admin portal for manual approval. If it's approved already, the Payment will automatically be processed for a funds transfer.

In order to pre-approve a Payment, so it will bypass the approval check and process a transfer immediately, make sure to set the verified flag on Payables to true, and the "Automatically Approve Verified Payables" feature must be enabled for your Everee instance. Your Everee account manager can help make sure it's enabled. That will automatically mark the Payment as pre-approved, so it will process immediately once you Request Payment for Payables and won't pause for manual approval.

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