Create new payable

Create a new Payable. Payment must be requested in order for this Payable to be paid-out.

Requesting payout for Payables

Payables are created in a "pending" state. In this "pending" state, Payables are available to be paid-out at a future time, and are not immediately or automatically paid-out. Instead, paying-out a Payable must be triggered by calling the Request Payment for Payables endpoint, which processes Payables into Payments.

Pre-approving Payments

Once a Payment has been created from one or more Payables, it is checked for "approval" before initiating any kind of funds transfer. If a Payment is not yet approved, it appears in the "Payments" section of the admin portal for manual approval. If it's approved already, the Payment will automatically be processed for a funds transfer.

In order to pre-approve a Payment, so it will bypass the approval check and process a transfer immediately, simply set the verified flag on Payables to true. That will automatically mark the Payment as pre-approved, so it will process immediately once you Request Payment for Payables.

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