Create a shift on an employee’s time card

Adding a shift to an employee’s time card records hours worked.

Continuous work period

A “shift” refers to any part of a whole continuous work period—if an employee works a scheduled work period in two parts, like one part before a lunch break and another part after, these parts could be recorded as two shifts or the break could be recorded as a "break period" within the shift.

Multiple work locations

When workers are staffed at different work locations per shift, it's critical to assign the correct work location for each shift to ensure the correct tax liability is determined for each location where work is performed. Providing a value for the parameter overrideWorkLocationId assigns a shift to a specific work location for tax purposes.


Work Locations API

Work locations must be created before you can assign them to shifts. There are no restrictions on how many work locations you can create. See the Work Locations API for more information about creating work locations.

If no value is provided, the work location assigned to the worker's profile is used by default.

When a work location is assigned to a shift, gross earnings for that shift are subject to all employee– and employer–side taxes in effect for that location on the date of the shift. These taxes are automatically applied to the payment that pays out earnings for this shift (typically in the next payroll batch). If a payment pays out earnings for multiple shifts, each with assigned work locations, all appropriate taxes for the shifts' work locations will be applied to that payment.