Embedding Worker Onboarding

A key experience enabled by Everee Embed Components is worker onboarding.

Prepare for onboarding: creating a worker record

The first step is to create a Worker record in Everee. This must be done before creating the Component session and presenting the Component. To create a worker, use the "Add contractor" or "Add employee" Embed API endpoints.

Note: a Worker record must have been created in Everee prior to creating any Component sessions, including a Worker Onboarding session, because you must provide a worker ID (or “external worker ID”) that Everee knows.

Once a worker record has been created in Everee, you should store an attribute in your database that indicates this step has been completed. The attribute could be the workerId generated and returned by Everee, or some other data item.

Tracking worker onboarding status

When a worker has completed onboarding, you will receive two events:

  1. A WORKER_ONBOARDING_COMPLETE event from the Worker Onboarding Component in your UI. This allows the host application UI to update quickly.
  2. A worker.onboarding-completed webhook event in your server-side application.

You should store an attribute in your database that indicates onboarding has been completed by the worker. This allows your platform to "unlock" any user experience that requires Everee onboarding to be complete, and avoids the need to query Everee for this information throughout the worker experience.