White Label Overview

Everee White Label is a payroll and payment-processing platform designed to run alongside your existing product portfolio. It integrates seamlessly with your existing products and processes and allows you to offer an automated, integrated payroll or payment-processing product to your customers with a low implementation effort and a straightforward approach for selling, onboarding, and supporting your customers.

In order to integrate Everee White Label with your platform, you'll mostly deal with three main integration areas: Branding & User Access, Paying Workers, and Worker Data & Onboarding.

In this guide we'll give you an overview of each area, the options available, and links to the detailed documentation you'll need to integrate with your White Label platform.

The Everee White Label platform is divided into several different top-level experiences, including Payments, Time, Schedule, Policies, and others. Your Everee Partner Success manager will help you configure which of these areas you want available to your customers, to make sure the experience is integrated cleanly with your existing product functionality.


Branding & User Access

Your team will be asked to provide brand names and logos in a few different sizes that we'll use to brand various parts of the White Label experience, including the main application UI, emails and notifications, and the sign-in workflow (if applicable).

There are a few different options for your users to access your Everee White Label experience, including Everee-managed authentication and Single Sign-On via multiple protocols. Regardless of the path you choose for User Access, your platform can be involved in the new-user setup process if you choose, or you can restrict new-user setup to occur only inside your platform to ensure tight integration with your existing processes.

See the Branding & User Access guide for more information.

Worker Data & Onboarding

In order for workers to get paid correctly, and for taxes to be calculated, remitted, and filed properly, Everee White Label requires specific information for each worker. We offer several different integration points for providing worker information to ensure a clean integration with your platform, including Embed Components for onboarding new workers and managing their information, APIs to allow you to automate data transfer for key worker information, and UX hosted inside Everee White Label to allow your customers to manage worker information directly.

If your platform already provides worker-facing user experiences, you can leverage our Embed Components as drop-in solutions that will enable workers to onboard into payroll or payment processing as part of your existing workflow. If not, you can use Everee White Label's hosted onboarding workflow instead, leaning on us to provide that experience under your brand instead.

Determining the source of truth for worker profile data items is an important part of integrating with Everee White Label, and your Partner Success manager will help you make the right choices. If your platform manages worker information, we'll work with you to design an approach that ensures each data item is managed in the right platform.

See the Worker Data & Onboarding guide for more information.

Paying Workers

One key outcome of deploying Everee White Label is making sure your customers can pay their workers accurately and on-time. You can choose to drive the process of paying workers via automated integrations with your existing platform, if your platform already manages information about how much workers earn or when they work.

We provide APIs designed to work well with various earnings & payments use-cases. Depending on how your platform works, this could include:

  1. you calculate payment amounts for contractors
  2. you calculate commission amounts for employees
  3. you track hours for hourly employees with your own tools
  4. you integrate with third-party timekeeping services to obtain hours data for hourly employees
  5. you manage compensation settings for hourly and salaried employees

Your Everee Partner Success manager will help you choose an integration approach that fits your use-case. You may choose to integrate with multiple Everee APIs in order to provide the most seamless integration.

See the Paying Workers guide for more information.


Phasing your White Label rollout

Everee's White Label product is a full-featured payroll and payment-processing platform out of the box. It's designed to allow you to choose when and how to roll out integrations, rather than require you to fully integrate with each product area before you can go live to your customers.

For example, partners who want to go to market as quickly as possible may choose to complete the branding configuration and a simple integration with the Worker Information product area before go-live, and plan additional phases of development to integrate more deeply. Other partners may choose to complete a deep integration with each product area before going live to their customers.

Your Everee Partner Success manager will help you plan the phases of your White Label rollout to make sure you meet your target dates.