Components Overview

Deliver a native experience without building it from scratch.

In order to pay workers quickly and accurately, Everee needs up-to-date information about our customers’ workers, including their contact details, tax withholding elections, and other data. Keeping worker information up-to-date between multiple platforms is difficult and prone to error, so Everee provides three worker-facing user experiences our customers can embed directly into their own apps, websites, or other solutions:

  • Worker onboarding
  • Worker account management
  • Pay statement & tax form access

There are important benefits to embedding these Components directly into the software workers already use: workers can keep their own pay information up-to-date without a complicated or manual backend process; they can access their pay statements, tax forms, and other documents directly from Everee with no extra effort; and workers can use one seamless software experience, under one account login, rather than managing two separate accounts in two platforms.

Embed Components

Everee Embed components are designed for customers who provide an app or web experience their workers will use directly. This is common in the delivery, transportation, entertainment, hospitality, and gig staffing industries among many others.

We support all the common ways these experiences are delivered, whether it’s native apps available through the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, or a web experience that’s customized for worker access. Our Embed components can be inserted into any software to create a seamless experience for workers.

Worker onboarding
For many platforms, onboarding new workers is the most important part of the experience. Simple, straightforward, and successful worker onboarding can dramatically improve workers’ initial experience and help create loyalty and engagement from the beginning.

Worker account management
Workers’ information changes over time: people move house, update bank accounts and debit cards, and change tax withholding elections. Our Embed components make it fast and easy for workers to manage their own information without depending on support or HR professionals.

Pay statement & tax form access
Whether it’s frequently pulling up pay statements or retrieving a Form W-2 or 1099 once per year, workers need to access accurate documentation of their pay. Accessing these documents takes only a couple of taps through one of our Embed components.

How Embedding Works

In order to embed Everee’s UX into another software platform, a developer will add a small amount of custom code into the areas where the customer wants Everee’s UX to be displayed. The embedded UX is designed to be visually clean, simple, and easy to use, and feels like a native part of the software it’s inserted into.

Adding this custom code is a small amount of work, and Everee provides step-by-step instructions and samples to help make the integration process as quick and easy as possible.

Everee Embed components are inserted at specific points in the worker’s experience, like at the end of the initial worker onboarding process, and also in a navigation menu. The components fit neatly into existing software, so workers will always be able to navigate through the entire experience in a consistent and familiar way.

Since Everee only captures the extra information needed to process payments, deductions, and taxes, Everee can shoulder the burden of collecting and protecting workers’ sensitive personal data.

Once the Everee components are embedded, worker information begins to flow into the Everee platform, and workers are payable through Everee as soon as they finish onboarding. A payroll or operations administrator (or an automated API integration) can easily process payments through the Everee web app to get workers paid—every day, every week, or anything in between.

Available Embed Components

Component nameDescription
ONBOARDINGWorker-facing onboarding experience.
PAYMENT_HISTORYWorker-facing payment history, including access to earning totals and PDF pay statements.
TAX_DOCUMENTSWorker-facing year end tax document access, including Form 1099 and Form W-2 (depending on worker classification).
PAYMENT_DEPOSITWorker-facing deposit management experience, including bank account information capture.
HOME_ADDRESSWorker-facing home address management experience.
WORKER_HOMEWorker-facing "hub" experience, including navigation links to the other embedded component experiences.
INSTANT_PAYWorker-facing Instant Pay request experience, includes debit card capture. Provides empty state if no approved funds are available for the worker.